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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a natural complementary therapy that provides a comprehensive and holistic approach when treating a person; it is extremely effective as it treats the root cause rather than the way many of us are used to be treated, by dealing with symptoms. Each session is tailored to the individual for maximum benefit. For the reasons above, Kinesiology is becoming a popular choice.

A Kinesiology treatment balances the individual in four different aspects; Emotionally, Physically, Nutritionally and Energetically and when these areas are aligned and balanced in harmony this promotes excellent health, wellbeing and vitality. 

Kinesiology is best undertaken regularly as a preventative measure for optimal results; ensuring regular rebalancing to avoid health conditions occurring and before unwanted symptoms are experienced and to maintain good health. However, it is often undertaken when someone has been unwell and continue to battle with various health conditions and symptoms.


During a Kinesiology treatment muscle testing is carried out to read your body to see where there is an imbalance and attention is needed. Used to some extent by some Chiropractors, Kinesiology has been used for around 60 years and it is great to see it continuing to gain momentum. Feeling under the weather or below par should not be the accepted norm, you shouldn’t have to put up with feeling that way. Kinesiology along with some commitment from you really could turn your health around.


Some examples of common complaints that people experience frequently that could be helped by regular Kinesiology treatment and balancing are:

IBS and other digestive issues

Muscle and joint pain 

Regular Infections

Hormone imbalances

Skin conditions

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Food sensitivities and cravings


Mood swings including - stress, anxiety and depression

Headaches and migraines