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Nutrition in the form of food and natural supplements can further support our bodies to function optimally so that you feel at your best.

Often as part of a Kinesiology session tailored nutrition will be recommended, this will have been tested on you so you know you are getting the correct supplement and brand for you that will best serve you. 

Whilst you can purchase many supplements from high street shops/internet, the nutrition I will recommend for you will have been specifically tested on you, meaning it will be of the most benefit v an untested equivalent of a different brand.


Lily & Loaf

Contact - 01952 671600

Website - 

Discount - use code 12026483 for 15% discount


Contact - 01684 310099

Website -

Discount - discount code for 35% off your first order, 

10% off subsequent orders when recommended by me

Nutri Advanced

Contact - 0800 043 5777

Website -

Discount - use code 3542266 for discount

Higher Nature

Contact - 0800 458 4747

Website -

Discount - use code 690628 for discount

Healing Herbs 

Contact - 01873 890 218

Website -

I work mainly with the following companies that provide high quality natural nutrition:

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In case of any queries with the above companies, quote Kerri Fermandell and Be Well Kinesiology